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Whole Foods grand opening in Midtown - Slush Naturals 

Video Transcription:  I'm here with Avis and James Prince with Slush Naturals. I want them to talk about their product.
Hi, as she mentioned my name is Avis Prince. I am the founder and CEO of the Slush Naturals Company INC brand name Slush Naturals co-owner Jermaine Dupri. We offer four refreshing flavors, we offer a traditional lemonade, a cucumber lemonade, hibiscus and tropical. They're all Vegan certified non-GMO project verified, no colors, no added colors, no added flavors, we use an unrefined organic cane juice to sweeten and they all have fewer calories and lower in sugar than our competition.

So if you follow me, we're at the Midtown store Whole Foods, we are on the soda aisle, on the top shelf, all the flavors. As I mentioned our traditional, cucumber, tropical which consists of coconut water and passion fruit, so if you're more adventurous and like a bolder taste this is the one for you, our hibiscus is slightly tart picture in the mind of a raspberry-cranberry feel and then the cucumber and traditional are our smoother flavors. We called cucumbers zen in a bottle, a zen moment in a bottle.

So tell us what inspired you to create these drinks.  We have two sons and with our youngest son who is now 15, when I was pregnant with him I was borderline for gestational diabetes so it prompted a lifestyle change for me, of course, I wanted the same for my family it was hard to transition them over as far as the beverages are concerned away from what they were accustomed to drinking, drinks that consist of high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners and after becoming frustrated with it, I prayed about it and about a week later the concept came to me and the beverages, the brand was born and we've been going at it since we just celebrated our 6th year in Whole Foods Market, our brand is available on our website, as well as, and we have a special going on here in Whole Foods, they are two for $4 and we're honoring the same promo on our website. If you're in Atlanta we offer a free pick up so if you use the code ATLien then it will waive the shipping costs and we'll schedule a pickup for you, pick up day and time for you. So again, Whole Foods through the south region, our website and follow us on Instagram @Slushnaturals.

Awesome. Well thank you so much, Avis, come on down here and meet her. How long are you guys going to be in the store?
We are here until four, I'm sorry until two o'clock and we are here tomorrow from 10 until two.  Come on down here ATL, support them and come try. I love the cucumber lemonade it is the bomb, the rest of them are good too, but I love the cucumber lemonade.  That's our number one seller. People cringe when they hear the name because it sounds odd, but it is a great combination, very smooth, a zen moment in a bottle is what we call it. Yes, try it out, come and see us.

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