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Whole Foods grand opening in Midtown - Pacha Soaps

Video Transcription: This is Angela Simmons with Premier Homes by Angela. I am downtown today at Whole Foods. They're having a grand opening, and I ran into these fabulous ladies with soap. Really, really good soap. The name of their company is Pacha. I'm going to let them share with you about their company and their product.

Hi, I'm Shelley. We're both from Nebraska. I'm Melissa. We're the product development team at Pacha, and all of our products are made in-house and our department is based in Nebraska, which our population is at 25,000, so it's a pretty small town. Our oils actually come from all over; a lot from Africa. We do fair trade products, and so we try and give back, as well as giving good to your body. We're a mission-based company. When you buy a bar of soap from Pacha, the proceeds go to help drilling wells in Peru, Burundi. We work closely with people in Liberia. We just help to provide clean water and also business opportunities there to help stimulate the economy in poor regions of the world.

What are your favorite scents with the soaps that you have today?   My favorite would be our Charcoal Lemongrass. The activated charcoal is just really good for your skin. It's lemongrass and peppermint.I would say my favorite is Sand & Sea. It's great. It has some sands; nice polishing on your hands. I actually use charcoal on my face and the vanilla almond on my body. Vanilla almond's very moisturizing. It has activated charcoal like you said. So we have a little bit of everything for everyone.  Awesome.

What would you like to tell the local community about your products?   If you like your body feeling good, feeling nice and moisturized, we're a good company and you can feel good about the products that you buy, that you're giving back.

These ladies are from?  Hastings, Nebraska. Cold. Very cold. They said it was still snowing when they left so they're happy to be here in hot Atlanta.
We are so happy.
Thank you, ladies, for sharing your product with us today. We are very grateful to have you here and we hope you enjoy your stay.

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