Styles and Cabinet Choices for Remodeled Kitchens For Your Home


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Top Styles and Cabinet Choices for Remodeled Kitchens

Read on for more about these and other kitchen remodeling trends, based on insights from the 2021 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study.
McCollum Studio Architects
This kitchen features a transitional design, a contemporary-traditional blend that is the most popular style for remodeled kitchens.
Erin Carlyle
Transitional Is the Top Style for Remodeled Kitchens

When homeowners are considering a kitchen remodel, there’s a good chance they don’t like its current style, layout or flow. In fact, no longer being able to stand the old kitchen is the No. 2 reason why homeowners embark on a kitchen remodel, according to the study. (The No. 1 motivation is wanting to do it all along and finally having the means.)

Most homeowners remodeling their kitchens (85%) are opting to change its style. For the remodeled kitchen, transitional is the most popular style (21%), followed by modern (15%), contemporary (14%), farmhouse (12%) and traditional (11%).
Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins, Inc.
This kitchen features refaced cabinets. Read more about this and other other kitchen makeovers that benefited from refaced cabinets.
Erin Carlyle
Refinishing Is a Popular Partial Cabinet Upgrade

Nearly all homeowners remodeling their kitchens (94%) improve their cabinets in some way, according to the report. A majority (63%) are replacing the cabinets completely, though 1 in 3 opts for a partial cabinet upgrade.

Among those homeowners choosing a partial cabinetry upgrade, the most popular upgrade is refinishing the cabinetry exteriors (60%). Twenty-eight percent of remodeling homeowners partially upgrading their cabinetry are adding some new cabinets — nearly four times as many as in the previous year. Others are replacing just the doors (25%), replacing some cabinets (20%) or refinishing cabinet interiors (14%).
Divco Custom Homes
This kitchen features Shaker-style cabinets, the most popular choice for upgraded cabinets in remodeled kitchens.

Shaker Style Stays on Top 

In terms of look, Shaker style continues to be the top cabinetry door choice among homeowners upgrading their kitchen cabinetry (57%), with flat-panel (21%) a distant second. 

Also, remodeling homeowners upgrading their kitchen cabinets are largely favoring customized options: 41% are choosing fully custom cabinets and 35% are selecting semicustom options. Only a small share of homeowners upgrading this kitchen element are selecting stock (12%) or ready-to-assemble (8%) models.
Hebdon Studios
White and wood tones are the top two color choices for upgraded cabinets in remodeled kitchens.
Erin Carlyle
White Remains the Top Cabinetry Color Choice

Though less popular than it was in the two previous years, white is still the top color (41%) pick for cabinets in remodeled kitchens. Wood tones collectively are the second-favorite choice (23% for all wood tones), with medium-tone woods (13%) most commonly selected, followed by light wood (7%). Gray (10%) is the third-most popular color for cabinets in upgraded kitchens.
Studio Dearborn
Cookie Sheet Organizers, Spice Pullouts Are Popular 

Of course, how the cabinets function is just as important as how they look. These days, many homeowners upgrading their cabinets are including built-in organizers or specialty storage. 

The most popular cabinet organizers are those designed to hold cookie sheets (48%) and spices (39%). The most common specialty cabinet drawers are pullout waste or recycling drawers (60%), followed by lazy Susan (38%) or pullout/swing-out (34%) cabinets.
Newschool Builders LLC
Many Keep Kitchen Size and Layout Unchanged

This year’s kitchen trends study proves that remodeling a kitchen doesn’t have to involve knocking down walls or tripling the room’s size. In fact, two-thirds of homeowners remodeling their kitchens are keeping them about the same size, according to the report. Once the project is complete, more than half (51%) of renovated kitchens measure 200 square feet or more. Thirty-five percent are 100 to 199 square feet after the remodel, and 14% are less than 100 square feet.

It’s also possible to keep the layout intact and still get a refreshed kitchen that works much better for the homeowners. Indeed, fewer than half of remodeling homeowners (44%) are opting to change their kitchen’s layout. Among those who do change it, L-shape is the most popular layout choice (38%), followed by U-shape (31%) and galley (12%).

To get the look and function they want, most homeowners remodeling their kitchens (85%) hire a professional, with general contractors the most popular pro to hire.

The 2021 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study gathered information from 2,014 Houzz users who reported that they were homeowners age 18 or older who had completed a kitchen remodel or addition in the past 12 months, were currently working on one or were planning to start one in the next three months. The survey was fielded in June and July 2020.

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