Reasons to Take Photos of Your House While Renovating It

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Reasons to Take Photos of Your House While Renovating It


Renovating your home may be a major undertaking. You might be focused on reaching the finish line and may not want to think about the messy process once it’s over, but it can be a good idea to take photos while renovations are in progress.

Know What’s Beneath the Surface
You may be surprised at what contractors uncover during a remodeling project. Previous owners may have installed new flooring on top of the old, for instance. Even if you don’t want other materials to be exposed now, they may be popular in the future and may appeal to potential buyers when you decide to sell your house. 

Keep Track of Who Did What
Things may get confusing if you make major changes and you have a general contractor, a plumber, an electrician and others working on the site. Knowing what tasks each company performed and where can help if a problem arises later. Photos and notes can help you figure out who was liable so you can avoid a situation in which contractors point the finger at each other and you don’t know who was really responsible for a problem.

Have Proof That Code Violations Were Addressed
When you sell your home, the inspector will check to make sure that things are up to code. During the renovation process, contractors may find one or more building code violations and may have to make changes to bring those areas into compliance. Photos can show that problems were fixed.

Get Help With Future Projects
An architect can use information in photos taken during renovations to make sure you have up-to-date blueprints. Photos can also document the locations of pipes and electrical wiring, which are usually hidden behind walls. You or future owners may need or want to make more changes down the road. If you take pictures while pipes, wires and other elements are exposed, contractors who perform renovations in the future will appreciate knowing what to expect before they get to work.

Impress Potential Buyers
If you decide to sell your house later, you’ll want potential buyers to view it as a good investment. Photos showing a stark contrast between the way the house looked when you bought it and the way it looks when you sell it can create a positive impression and show buyers that you invested a significant amount of money in upgrades. You may be able to sell your home for a higher price and recoup a large percentage of the money you spent.

Document Your Renovation Project
Take photos of your home renovations at each stage. Date each picture and note what type of work was performed, who did it, any problems that were noted and any other information that may be relevant or helpful. Thoroughly documenting the work that was performed and conditions that were discovered may pay off later in numerous ways. 

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