Proper Boiler Maintenance All Season Long

Proper Boiler Maintenance All Season Long


If you rely on your boiler to keep your home toasty, it's important to focus on boiler maintenance to avoid a mid-season breakdown.

 "We rely on our boilers to keep us warm, and it's important that we take early action to avoid untimely breakdowns and eliminate dangers like fires and carbon monoxide poisoning," says Michael Petri, owner of Petri Plumbing & Heating. 

To help, Petri offers the following suggestions:

Replace boiler filters. To maintain optimum performance, ensure efficient operation and prevent hazards such as fires and breakdowns, the filter should be regularly changed according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Also, consider upgrading to electrostatic filters. These high-performance filters do not need to be replaced, however cleaning them four times a year is recommended.

Clear exhaust flues. A blocked airway can have devastating consequences, as pressure buildup from a boiler is a leading cause of fires, explosions and carbon monoxide buildup. To ensure safety, clean the flue and make sure any potential obstructions that could cause pressure buildup are removed. When in doubt, contact a professional.

Clear the room. While space is limited in many homes, a boiler room is just that – a boiler room. Boilers generate extreme heat and need airflow circulation to keep the unit maintained properly. Hanging clothes and boxes stored inside boiler rooms are common fire hazards and should be avoided. Keep flammable items a safe distance from the boiler to protect the entire home and ensures professionals can access the unit when service is needed.

Check the water levels. Checking the water level of your boiler is essential to its performance and safety. If the water level is low, it could affect the pressure and temperature level. If leaks are detected, contact a service professional to fix these issues as soon as possible.

Schedule an annual tune-up: A professional visit will help identify potential boiler issues before they can develop into costly breakdowns. Not only for peace of mind, tune-ups ensure efficiency for lower heating bills and are often required by the manufacturer to keep the warranty intact.

"Skipping maintenance on a boiler increases the chances of the unit breaking down later during the really cold days when more strain is placed on the system," says Petri. "Losing heat in the middle of winter can cause pipes to freeze and burst, which introduces a new set of issues. We'd much rather homeowners be proactive and prepare early for the heating seasons than endure any hardships when winter hits."

We hope you have found this article to be helpful.  We are committed to making sure you are knowledgeable about protecting one of your biggest assets, your home.  if you have any questions or real estate needs, give us a call (844) 385-SOLD.  THE KEY TO YOUR REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE, EXCELLENCE INDEED!


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