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Lease To Own Home Program - Divvy Homes

How does Divvy work?

Divvy is an innovative new option that helps renters transition to homeownership. Unlike a normal lease, with Divvy:
  • You get to choose from any home for sale on the market
  • You have the exclusive right to buy the home at any time
  • Divvy helps you build up a down payment!

Here’s how our process works:
  1. Get fully approved by clicking here Divvy Approval and following the below steps.
  2. Shop and choose a home currently for sale in your area!
  3. Make a 2% or greater Divvy down payment.
  4. Lease for up to 3 years, building equity credits every month as you do.
  5. Buy the home back! Divvy provides up to a 10% down payment with no additional costs or money down from you.

Don’t worry if this seems daunting: we’re here every step of the way. We can get you into your home in just a few weeks!

What areas does Divvy operate in?

For now, Divvy operates in the Atlanta, Memphis and Cleveland metro areas (including Akron). If you’re within an hour’s drive of the city, your area probably qualifies!

How much does it cost to participate in this program?

Divvy customers make 2 kinds of payments. You’ll make a one-time Divvy Down Payment when your lease begins. You’ll also make monthly payments for the duration of your lease. If you decide to buy the home during your lease, you’ll need to obtain financing and pay Divvy a pre-determined home buyback price.

How does Divvy compare to a mortgage? 

Divvy is not a mortgage. Divvy is a shorter-term program that offers you more flexibility, and can be a great stepping stone to a mortgage.

How does Divvy compare to renting? 

Divvy is a lease, but unlike a normal lease, Divvy is designed to brings its customers closer to homeownership. If you are ready to stay in one spot for up to 3 years, and you can take good care of your property, Divvy offers several advantages:
  • Exclusive right to buy the home
  • More freedom to customize, rehab and alter the home
  • Lease for 3 years and get a 10% down payment from Divvy

How long is this program?

Divvy is a 3 year lease program, unless you choose to buy the home earlier, in which case the program ends. Otherwise, your lease obligation is 3 years long.

Who actually owns the home?

During your 3 year lease, Divvy owns the home. You’ll have an exclusive, documented right to purchase the home at any time during the 3 years, at a pre-specified price.

How do we actually buy the home?

Divvy will buy the home and handle the closing process. We negotiate the best possible price and pass the savings on to you! We cover closing costs, such as appraisals and inspections. Divvy’s interests are aligned with yours, and we never buy homes with serious maintenance issues or overvalued prices.

I’m not sure if Divvy operates in my area.


If you’re within about an hour’s drive of Atlanta, it’s likely that they do.

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