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Kids are back in school and you have still have plenty of time to find that perfect home.  Financing is available for you and your family.

100% financing is availble with 720 credit score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$15,000 down payment assistance is available with 680 credit score!!!!!!!

$5000 down payment assistance is available with 600 credit score!!!!!!!

Keys to your new home is available with a 500 credit score!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do you, your family or friends fit in?  We are ready, give us a call so we can determine where you are.  You need a good REALTOR® who will work hard for you. Our real estate team is dedicated to helping you find the right home, at the best price. We want you to find the home that will make you happy and successful in real estate ownership.  The Key To Your Real Estate Experience!  Give us a call at (678) 412-0373 or (844) 385-SOLD 

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