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Hi guys, this is Angela Simmons with Premier Homes by Angela. I am out here in Monroe talking to Travis. Travis just worked with America's home place in getting his new home built. I wanted him to share about his experiences with us.
Hey everybody out there. America's Home Place has been Primo. They are very, very easy to work with. They build houses quick, and they built them high quality. As for our builder, we are glad we picked them. They really know how to do things right. We started our house in February, did the footings in February, and it is middle of April and we're already almost done. That's how fast they did. High quality work. If you want high quality work, quick good builders easy to work with, I would go with them. We've been very happy with the product. No doubt.
Awesome. What drove you to build your own home?
We bought land out here because we were tired of being in a subdivision, small one. We're coming from a little Ranch House that we ran for 20 years. We saved up money, bought land and got about five acres that we're at. I'm a musician too, so I needed to be in a quiet area so I didn't bother anybody. I did that. We bought a couple of years back and just saved money out to look forward to building this. We're just renting in a little place right now. We saved our money, got everything going, and we are so glad we did because we knew we were going to build our final dream house.
We're in our mid 40s, and we got married when I was 24. We had a little house most of our lives, just a little tiny Ranch House where we were at and we wanted to get to this point. It took a lot of work and a lot of saving to get the land and then plunge into the house. It's definitely worth it though. I would suggest it to everybody, save your money. Just work towards your goal, envision it in your mind, envision in your mind and you will get there. Sometimes some years went by we were like, "We're never going to get there", but you will. We're at this point. We're very happy with it. Stick with it.
Congratulations, Travis.
Thank you. We appreciate you.
Buyers, you're out there, you can't find a home of your dreams. Give me a call at 678-412-0373 so I can connect you with America's Home Place, so you can get your own home built just like Travis and his family has. Thanks guys.

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