Credit Evaluation For The Purchase Of Your New Home


Credit Evaluation For The Purchase Of Your New Home

We have been hosting a credit evaluation for our clients where the clients come in and get their credit looked at by a Financial Professional. The Professional lets you know:
  • What item needs to be repaired/paid.
  • What process/actions you need to take.
  • When you will be able to purchase your home.
  • Review the home buying process.
We would love to extend this out to you. We've got three more weeks in this month. We're doing it on Thursdays. Please give me a call, let me know when you're available, 678-412-0373. We'd love to be able to hear from you and be able to assist you. Home ownership is so important and everyone deserves it. We hope that we'll be able to help you. The KEY to your real estate experience. Let us make your dreams our mission. Excellence Indeed!

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