CNBC: Atlanta is 2nd best city for Amazon HQ2


CNBC: Atlanta is 2nd best city for Amazon HQ2

Atlanta is becoming a popular second choice for Amazon's HQ2.  Everyone seems to have an opinion about where Amazon should invest $5 billion and hire 50,000 people for its second headquarters, and CNBC is no different. The news outlet said Thursday that it wanted to help Seattle's online retail behemoth with its unprecedented decision and did its own independent review using key criteria laid out by the company.

Based on its results, CNBC says Amazon should focus in on New York, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston. 

Atlanta ranked No. 1 in airports and job growth; 15th in labor education; No. 13 in mass transit; and 11th in universities. See more details here.

Earlier this month, Moody’s Analytics, which operates independently of the Moody’s Investors Service credit rating agency, made a data-driven attempt to answer the same question and also placed Atlanta as No. 2 -- behind only Austin, Texas.

Meanwhile, a recent study published by Anderson Economic Group that examined 35 metro areas that fit Amazon's criteria, placed Atlanta fifth, behind New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston.

Today was decision day for cities across the country to submit their proposals, which included incentive plans and locations, to Amazon. More than 100 cities and counties have reportedly expressed interest. The Atlanta Business Chronicle reported today that Georgia was expected to pitch nearly 10 metro Atlanta sites and offer more than $1 billion worth of incentives. Brittany Holtzclaw, of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, hand-delivered the state's bid to the e-commerce giant's headquarters in Seattle.