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Create Your AirBnb Plus Listing

Insider Tips to Monetize Your Rental

If you have a high-end space that you want to lease through AirBnb Luxe, you know the bar has been set incredibly high; so high, in fact, that it might feel like a barrier to entry. That said, you might consider gaining entry into the elite world of AirBnb Plus, which is a respectable middle ground and a step up from traditional AirBnb listings.
While you already know about the obvious qualifiers, such gaining a Superhost designation, offering full amenities, and maintaining high standards of cleanliness and comfort, there is one qualifier that AirBnB corporate lists without much explanation, yet it is one of the most important of all: The design of the space.


Not only does the design impact photos taken for your listing, it also impacts guest experience, guest photos, and all the things they'll say about you on "the 'gram." If you're serious about creating an incredible space and earning your place on AirBnb Plus, the first task to conquer isn't the color palette, but rather, the strategy. Who is your ideal guest and how can your space become so appealing that they can't help but book it? As home stagers and masters of residential sales, this is where we can help ease your stress.


AirBnb corporate places emphasis on the personality of your listing, which means you should, too. Rather than making your house, condo, or room feel as neutral as a mainstream hotel, decide which vibe you are going to use - and stick with it. The staging and styling of your space evoke certain emotions, which in turn create certain experiences for your guests. Will you pay homage to the historical richness of your geographic area? Will you model your space after your own unique heritage?
As professional home stagers, we are here to consult with you on the best personality for your rental, a tactic that goes a step beyond merely selecting an aesthetic. After all, this is your new income stream. Let's put the proper planning into place before you make any decor or furniture purchases.


Beyond simply photographing well, your space will need to pass third-party inspection to receive an AirBnb Plus designation. This means the quality and functionality of your space needs to be excellent #inreallife and not just on social media. We'll help you source well-appointed furnishings and tasteful decor that meet the necessary durability and aesthetic standards while staying within your reasonable budget.
When it comes to booking out your Airbnb listing, your business is our business, and we can't wait to help you grow.


Partner with a cleaning company.

If you plan to be booked solid, you might not be able to keep up with cleaning the listing between guests. Partner with a cleaning company and provide them with photos of the staged space to help them know how to re-arrange all accessories when they're done.


Over-deliver on as much as possible.

While your listing should include a comprehensive list of amenities, add a few surprises that will delight your guests upon arrival. A bottle of bubbly when appropriate, a turn-down service, or something else tailored to your typical guest will help your ratings skyrocket.

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