7 Removable Products Every Renter Should Know About

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7 Removable Products Every Renter Should Know About


Renting a house or apartment is a great alternative or interim solution to buying. Maybe you’re saving up for a more permanent home or you’re just moving into your first place away from your parents. Whatever the case, the rules of renting can sometimes get in the way of you feeling “at home.” 

In most rentals, painting, putting up wallpaper, installing floors and adding anything “permanent” is not allowed. Plus, you don’t want to spend time and money renovating something that you don’t own. There are, however, many temporary options that can keep you from sacrificing comfort and style.

1. Peel & Stick Tiles 
If the kitchen in your rental is a bit outdated, or you just can’t stand the existing backsplash, these tiles are a great temporary option. You can find them in almost any shape, size and design. Simply remove the film from the adhesive side of the tiles and place onto the wall. When you are ready to move out, apply heat - you can use a hair dryer - and remove to reveal a damage-free wall. 

2. Adhesive Window Film
If privacy in your neighborhood or apartment complex where you rent is an issue, look no further than this decorative and ingenious solution. With styles ranging from a plain frosted look to an intricate design, window film is a great way to add subtle style to a room and ensure your privacy. You can cut it to size, and with the adhesive spray and smoothing tool, you’ll have upgraded windows in minutes! And, as easily as the installation is, the removal process will take half the time!

3. Removable Wallpaper
It’s easier than ever to totally redesign your rental space with this incredible invention. Add an accent wall or paper the entire apartment, and before you know it, your space will be transformed. You can even use removable wallpaper on shelving, under your island or even inside drawers and cabinets for an extra pop of color. You can find almost any style, design or color depending on your style. Simply remove and ensure your full security deposit when you’re ready to move out!

4. Faux Flooring
Some rental properties feature older flooring styles, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, such as outdated linoleum or an unattractive tile. Temporary flooring offers an opportunity to update the aesthetic of an entire room, or even an entire apartment. From all different grains of wooden planks to desirable patterns of ceramic tiles, there are many styles to choose from, and just like a removable backsplash - easy on, easy off!

5. Command Hooks
No more unsightly holes will be left in the wall with this inexpensive trick. Command offers hundreds of hooks that can handle a myriad of weights, as well as outdoor options that can stand up to tough weather and humidity. These hooks come in all shapes, sizes and finishes, offering a way to hang curtains, framed artwork, coats, towels and more without leaving a trace. 

6. Contact Paper
Turn any surface into a chalkboard or line all of your shelves and drawers in florals with this customizable tool. Marble patterns are also available, providing an instant enhancement to your countertops, as well as a stainless steel look to upgrade your appliances. Using a similar application process to window film, this option is easy to install, can be cut to shape or size and be easily repositioned or removed. 

7. Tile Decals
Maybe your rental has a boring backsplash behind the stove or a plain white tile floor in the bathroom. Instead of living in a bland space, add character to your rental by decorating pieces that already exist. Take an extra styling step by sticking these to your staircase or using them to make a welcome mat in your entryway. With hundreds of colors and designs, you’ll never be short of style with the easy-to-apply stickers. 

Personalizing your rental space is the first step to making it feel like a home. By taking these steps and utilizing these temporary tools, ensure not only the return of your full security deposit, but endless design possibilities wherever you go - with no trace left behind!

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